Outdoor Fireweed Community Market



Experience this market throughout the summer with family and friends in the open air along the beautiful Yukon River. Be carried away by the wonderful aromas, delicious fresh foods, and unique artisans from our approximately 40 weekly vendors. Grab a picnic dinner and get that special gift. Enjoy local live music and other amusements from buskers. Dive into our art and agricultural workshops and demonstrations. What a great way to spend part of your Thursdays!

Every Thursday, 3 - 7 pm

May 16 to September 12, 2019 in Shipyards Park in Whitehorse.

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Vendor List

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3 Steps to Becoming a Vendor

Want to lead a workshop?

Contact us if you are interested in leading a workshop or demonstration at the market in the areas of agriculture and performing, literary and visual arts.


"... the Fireweed Market is a valuable part of our community and plays a definite role in advancing agriculture related endeavors and Yukon made products as well as making our community at large aware of them." C. Hanna, bee workshop leader.

"The market is not only about selling produce but building a local community network that fosters relationship outtside of the market. The faces we see one day at the market become the faces we see in our store the next day." K. Metropolit, Yukon Gardens.

"The Fireweed Community Market ... has been instrumental in ensuring the ongoing success of the Yukon Culinary Festival ... Building awareness of local Artists and Vendors and the high quality of cultural products available in the Yukon will enhance visitors' experiences in the territory. The Outdoor market ... and the 12 Days of Christmas Market ... provide additional attractions in Whitehorse and provide narrative to fuel positive discussions regarding Yukon Arts and Culture." Tourism Industry Association of the Yukon.

"... I believe that these workshops are of great interest to people, and that they do motivate people to not only prepare and grow food for themselves, but to consider whether to do so on a commercial basis." A. Reid, kombucha workshop leader.

"The FCM [market] was in part my introduction to the organic farmers of the territory who have become my Yukon family. I have found it to be a wonderful venue for social connection and a valuable opportunity for connecting people to the food they eat, and those who grow it." K. Melton, Klondike Valley Nursery & fruit trees, wild garden, & food larder workshops leader.

"The first market of the summer represents the beginning of a new year, and an opportunity for growth and development of my skills. The feedback and sales that I receive allow me to cater my artwork and jewelry towards the needs of my customers." L. Melnik, Lara Melnik & quick & nutritious recipes workshop leader.

"The market is not only the main outlet for our farm; it is also the very public face of Yukon agriculture. The market’s food publications, workshops and the presence of so much local produce all contribute to the public conversation – the “buzz” – around the importance of eating local and eating healthy." B. & S. Lendrum, Lendrum Ross Farm.

"... in the summer market we deal with happy customers." G. Katz, The Falafel Guy.

"... one of the most important things that the Fireweed Market society does is bring people together. The Fireweed Market is a unique opportunity for Yukoners and visitors to come together, enjoy some sunshine (hopefully) as well as some locally made goods." S. Hanson, Home Sweet Home Baking and Catering Inc.

"This experience allowed us to refine our products, to connect with new customers, and to find potential customers and other opportunities during the winter months as well. The market has also provided networking opportunities with local vendors. Collaborating with these small businesses has created synergy that is benefitting our new venture." Doron Pollachek, Yukon Healthy Treats.

"... being a part of FCMS inspired me to start up a community market in Mayo. I was able to work with previous board members and vendors to help us plan. We are now a very successful little community market that connects local farmers and producers to community." J. Hogan, The Yukon Soaps Company.

"Wild Things Harvest has existed for a long time. Our exposure from the Fireweed community Market helped us explore new markets and test new products." Y., S., E., & E. Allen, Wild Things Harvest.

"The market has an extensive reach of regulars coming back weekly to stock up on their favourite products. Over the summer months the market sees many tourists as well, coming to see what the excitement is all about and spending time and money on local businesses." L. & P. Brient, Atlin Mountain Coffee Roasters.

"I became a Market vendor in 2016, attracted by the opportunity to sell direct to consumers. I have been continually surprised at how much demand there is for fresh, local produce at the Market." S. Ouellette, Sarah's Harvest.

"We fully believe that the Fireweed Market Society plays a crucial part in the growth of local business in Whitehorse and ... has become a cornerstone in Whitehorse for providing an opportunity for the public to be able to purchase local products." A. Puskas & A. Burrill, Bullet Hole Bagels.

"I found that Yukoners are looking to purchase fresh produce and locally made products. The Fireweed Market seems to be a very good venue through which to supply these products. Every week I sold out of the vegetables I brought, and many weeks, I sold out of preserves." P. Bort, Dusty Trail Yukon.

"Since we joined the society in 2011, we have not missed a single market. This is the bread and butter of our operation, as well as an unbeatable arena to promote, not only our business, but also our passion for a local food network involving farmers, processors and consumers." B. Bounds & K. Mechan, Elemental Farm & soil conditioning workshop leaders.

"The Fireweed Market creates a sense of community between vendors that impacts how they do business. The attitude of “we all succeed together” encourages team work between local business and encourages us to seek success not just for ourselves but for the community as a whole." K. Morrison, Blackbird Bakery. 

"The Fireweed Community markets give vendors a good backbone to start their business. It has an excellent customer base and the regular business hours and location offer a continuity to customers that new businesses might struggle to provide in the beginning." K. Young, Klondike Kettle Corn

"What I enjoy most about offering a workshop is when I see how my encouragement & support leads to the writing of new work that would not have otherwise been written - whether by an established writer or an emerging new voice. It is extremely rewarding, & by providing me with the opportunity, the Fireweed Community Market Society helps me to accomplish this!" K. Munro, haiku workshop leader.

"I loved going to your market while I was staying in Whitehorse. I think you're doing a great job! I wanted to share with you a video about sustainable food access as a community project in partnership with the municipality, a project initiated by a non profit org. in Québec, called EURÊKO ..." Johanne, Montreal.